4-week program

Join 35-year business owner and entrepreneur Janice Jaicks along with carefully selected guest speakers for this intimate, informative, and creative program.

I joined the 2021 Goal Attainment Group to help me focus on my goals. My business coach is Janice Jaicks, and I am fortunate to have her.  Janice has helped me focus on one goal, in my case starting a business, and provided me with valuable steps to take to help achieve this goal.  Janice checks in with me once a week, listens to any concerns or worries that I have but does not allow me to dwell on these.  She pushes me forward to take the steps needed to achieve my goal.  Janice provides suggestions on dealing with any obstacles, such as distractions or other excuses, and reminds me of my priority of starting a business.  She listens and supports me.  Having her as a coach and holding me accountable is a huge asset in starting my own business.

Robin H.

Starting a Health & Wellness Business

What This Program Will Include:

Change your physiology… change your life!

Join me for a Journey into Self.
Discussions will include-
  • What does abundance mean to you? (Can you have it all)?
  • What is your truth? (excerpts for Byron Katie)
  • Week one to end with Kristi Anderson’s Singing Bowls Healing Meditation
Weekly guest speakers or meditations, worksheets included!
If you are ready to get real, seek happiness and grow personally and professionally….. this is for you!
Prep: Purchase two journals. (Marshall’s is great for this!)
Once you sign up and pay you will receive more info.
Zoom link.. sessions will be recorded, but being LIVE is BEST!!
5:30-6:30pm MST Tuesdays
April 12- May 3rd

4-Week Business Coaching Program