about janice

Janice Jaicks, CEO of FitnessFest

Janice has been teaching water aerobics since 1985 when she was asked to teach at the Mesa YMCA. She has worked with all populations (athletes, older adults, special populations) at health clubs and resorts since that time. Her sense of humor, motivating attitude and caring nature make her one of the most sought-after instructors in the valley. Janice has also managed and trained hundreds of aqua instructors over the past 20 years. She is the creator and presenter of Aqua Progressions, a training designed for new and veteran water aerobics instructors to learn choreography tools, review safety and contraindications for all populations, and understand the principles and properties of water for a safe, effective workout. Janice has presented for several national organizations such as IDEA World, SCW Mania, and her own FitnessFest and AquaCon conferences.

For me, the program was twofold.  First, I learned about myself and through that how to relate and communicate better with the people around me.  Secondly, the focus on health and fitness enlightened me to new ways of staying in shape and put me on a better path for a healthier diet.  The leaders were terrific!

Pat M.

A few weeks ago I lost a wonderful friend from Covid; he was a great help to me when going through my first divorce many years ago, and I recall one of the things he asked me to do at that time was to list five wonderful things about myself… I could not list one… during the last nine weeks I have thought a great deal about myself, who I am… what I have done and what I can do… thank you Janice and Jerny for providing me with the opportunity to reflect on my life and realize what I am capable of doing. I can, and I will NURTURE MYSELF… it’s never too late to start and I am worth the effort.

Kay L.