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I Can Help You If

You could use some direction

You struggle with priorities

You could use some accountability

You could use some motivation

You don’t know where to start

You need some marketing advice

You wonder how you can grow your list or your followers

You are struggling

You’ve started, but now where do you go from here?!

One-on-One Coaching Calls

Let business leader and CEO Janice Jaicks help you with your business goals and set you up for success. Janice has been the owner of FitnessFest Conference & Expo and Desert Swim School for over 30 years, and she’s ready to share her experience, her advice, and her mistakes with you!

In addition to overseeing her companies, Janice continues to lead her admin team, manage instructors, facilitate opportunities with industry leaders, organize weekly webinars and podcasts, and organize multiple annual events. Some of these fitness and wellness events include the FitnessFest Conference & Expo, AquaCon, spiritual retreats, and diabetes awareness programs for local Native American communities in Arizona.

Coming off of an incredibly successful and impactful 10-Week Goal Attainment Program, Janice realized that she has a passion for reaching out and helping others look at their own vision, define their business goals and dreams, and turn them into a reality — no matter what their profession or dream may be)!

The testimonials on this site are worth the read, and Janice can certainly provide you with references upon request.

A note from Janice: “Sign up for your first consultation and see if it’s a good fit. Use Calendly and I will send you a couple of worksheets so that I can study them prior to our call. Most business coaches want a lot of money upfront and a commitment. If I cannot help you, I do not want to take your money. But….I bet I can help you! Give me 20 or 30 minutes of your time and let’s see how you can GROW!”