Janice Jaicks’ business coaching course was exactly what I needed as I undertook my own business start-up process.  In addition to sharing valuable lessons from her decades of business experience, Janice pulled together a cracker jack team of experts to give guest lectures on everything from accounting to marketing.  This course was a one-stop-shop for anyone who has a business idea and wants to see it succeed.

Kristi T.

Owner/Creator, FeeltheBeat Fitness LLC

Working with Janice has been wonderful! From my first call with her, I felt I could trust her. She was able to help me set goals for personal and professional accountability to complete tasks in a timely manner. She is kind and understanding and helps you break down your wishes, desires and dreams into steps to reach obtainable goals. It is a great feeling to understand the process of setting goals, revising them and working towards them so that it is not so overwhelming. I am more confident and believe in what I really want through Janice’s guidance. I am now motivated to work on reaching my goals of personal and professional growth by getting things done on a daily basis.

Ann O.

Attorney, looking to start her own practice

For me, the program was twofold.  First, I learned about myself and through that how to relate and communicate better with the people around me.  Secondly, the focus on health and fitness enlightened me to new ways of staying in shape and put me on a better path for a healthier diet.  The leaders were terrific!

Pat M.

A few weeks ago I lost a wonderful friend from Covid; he was a great help to me when going through my first divorce many years ago, and I recall one of the things he asked me to do at that time was to list five wonderful things about myself… I could not list one… during the last nine weeks I have thought a great deal about myself, who I am… what I have done and what I can do… thank you Janice and Jerny for providing me with the opportunity to reflect on my life and realize what I am capable of doing. I can, and I will NURTURE MYSELF… it’s never too late to start and I am worth the effort.

Kay L.

The Goal Attainment program with Janice forced me to commit to dates for all my online business milestones. It also:

* Made me commit to metrics

* This program really made me move FORWARD…gave me the push I needed

* Loved the accountability

*  Using this as steppingstone to make more progress

*  In addition to meeting so many wonderful people — great group support

Terri T.

Health & Wellness Expert

Thank you for your Coaching with Janice 6-week course. I enjoyed our time together with the other trainers/coaches. It was really nice to have conversation with you and other professionals trying to grow their business. All of your guest speakers gave me something I could take home. Jessica taught me some information about social media I had not heard before. Erin’s discussion on cash flow was amazing. Although the details are somewhat over my head, she gave me a new birds-eye view of how to look at my finances. I’m eager to learn more about what she was teaching. Debra’s information on content creating was jam-packed with information! The handouts you provided gave us action steps to work on that got us thinking about who we’re serving and what we’re doing. Thank you for your time and energy offering this class.

Andrea Bowden, MS, ACE-CPT, ACE-CHC

Personal Trainer